At last…

I’ve done it.

I’ve actually gone and done it.

I feel like I’ve been writing this book for a thousand years although it’s more like three. It’s taken me a long time to get going on it, not for lack of time but for lack of courage. Since I first dreamed of my stag it has felt like such an important story to tell, like my whole life is resting on it. I guess you could call my dream my very own spirit vision, so it’s a story that really defines my soul. And for that reason it has been a very intimidating endeavour. I hit a good run in the last few months, however, so I’ve got it finished at last and am now working through the long list of tasks required to actually publish it.

So what is this story all about?

Well, it’s about losing and finding. It’s about the balance of life. It’s about the battles we wage within our own minds. It’s about the struggles we endure to do the right thing. And it’s about a broken girl and a very special elk.

Here’s the official blurb:


The Tenants of Earth: Part One


When Sky Madison loses her last relative in England she is forced to live with her estranged aunt in a small town in British Columbia. But not only is she a stranger in a foreign land, she is also an alien amongst her own species. Since losing her twin brother and her mother nearly seven years ago, Sky has shut down her mind, incarcerating her emotions and locking away her memories. Her tight control is the only way she can keep putting one foot in front of the other.

But the wilds of Canada will not let her keep control so easily. Figures appear in the mist. First Nation artefacts summon a disturbing ability to glimpse into an unseen world. And when her dead brother begs her to save the life of an injured elk Sky is forced to question everything she is certain she knows about the world. She must stop existing and start living to determine her true role but that’s not so easy when her unleashed mind is set on her own destruction. She must delve into the mysteries of her ancestors, uncover a gruesome past for Canada’s First Nations and find a way to embrace her abilities. But to do so she must confront demons she has avoided for years and defeat new adversaries who threaten a life that must be preserved.

Yet Sky is not alone. She gains friends who stand with her, an aunt who understands her and a Tlingit neighbour who knows more about her than she is letting on. And most curious of all is an elk that won’t leave her side. Sky just needs to learn to accept them all into her life and recognise that there is something about this elk which is not entirely … elk.

If you want to know more, you’ll just have to read the book!

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