Hidden Dawn is on preorder!

Well, this is surreal. I can see my book on actual retailers where people can actually buy it! I never thought I’d see that.

Official publication date is 1st January 2017. I decided to publish it in 2017 seeing as 2016 was such a poor year for the world. I don’t want to risk the 2016 Curse! New year new start and all that.

Hidden Dawn can now be preordered globally on Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and B&N. It will be available on all these retailers plus Amazon on 1st January 2017. Exciting!

I’ve used a company called Pronoun to distribute my ebook. They are relatively new but I like their philosophy: author-oriented publishing. It’s completely free to distribute your ebooks with them and best of all you get to keep 100% of your net earnings from retailers. They don’t take a cut like most other distributors. Their interface is wonderfully simply and is geared towards intelligently placing yourself amongst your competition with stats on search terms, categories and pricing, etc. So far so impressed. They seem to be very ambitious for the future too so I’m excited about new features yet to come.

Pronoun also create a lovely book page for you with buttons to the five top retailers where they distribute your ebook. You can see mine at the link below where there’s also a link for more information about Pronoun.


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