Winter Solstice Book Haul

I must have been on Santa’s Nice List this year, because I’ve had one heck of a haul of books this solstice/Christmas. Check out the booty …

My lovely mum got me the two illustrated beauties at the top: The Books of Earthsea and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Now, small confession, I’ve never actually read Ursula Le Guin. I know, bad. Very bad. But I saw this complete illustrated edition and my must-have-that-book radar went off, so I put it on my wishlist with the intention of actually reading these classic books. Something to look forward to in 2019! And Beedle will be a nice addition to my growing collection of illustrated Harry Potter books.

The rest are a bunch of paperbacks I’ve been coveting for some time now. Dear old Alex Rider wasn’t a happy lad when I last left him a few years ago, but now Anthony Horowitz has written a new(ish) story to resolve his situation a bit. Patrick Ness is one of my all-time favourite authors, so I’m thrilled to get Release. Those of you who read my review of Ready Player One will know I loved Ernest Cline’s first novel, so I’m looking forward to Armada. Reviews suggest it’s not as good as RPO, but I remain open-minded.

The others are books that have piqued my interest on my book-truffling exhibitions, so these are all on my list to read in 2019 (and I’m hoping to fit them all in!).

One very happy reader here!

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