Secretlab OMEGA Chair – the Chair I’ve Been Looking for

It has been many a year now that I have been looking for a comfy chair to park my butt in over long hours of work and, of course, gaming. I haven’t been searching every day over those years, mind, but I have had bursts of enthusiasm when my lower back twinged every couple of months. However, nothing I saw seemed up to the job, or if it was, it was wildly expensive – more than I’d pay for a deluxe sofa kind of expensive.

Then, this last December, my back cried out to me once more, and I had a jolt of inspiration – why wasn’t I looking at gaming chairs? They are designed for comfort over long hours of button mashing. So I went on some gaming websites to look at their reviews of chairs, and I found that the Secretlab OMEGA series was consistently coming out on top, even above much more expensive chairs. Convinced, I went to the Secretlab website and found that their chairs were on sale – even better – and even better still, there was a waiting list for deliveries, which told me this was the chair that everyone wanted. So I immediately ordered one.

And this week, it finally arrived! And I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a return on investment as I am with this chair. Here she is in all her glory in my hideaway.

The model I got is in their SoftWeave fabric in Charcoal Blue. I’m not a fan of leather, real or fake, and their real and PU leather models require some long-term care. The SoftWeave, however, is a really lovely material that’s soft to touch but feels sturdy.

Firstly, I’ve never known a chair to adjust in quite so many directions as this one. You can recline all the way back such that throw on a blanket and you can call it a bed. The armrests adjust along three axes (that I’ve found so far!), and you can tilt back and forth as much as you like with a perfect amount of resistance. I don’t have to push against it, and it doesn’t push back against me. It just holds me with the support I need. I’d definitely call it responsive. It really has the individual in mind, and the designers have understood fully that every person has a unique shape and set of preferences for their seating experience.

Then there’s the comfort factor. It’s an odd thing, because the seat and backrest are firm but somehow really comfy. It might have something to do with even distribution of weight, but you can keep your squishy armchairs, as this is the future for me. It’s the feeling of being truly supported on every surface and in every direction. I was a bit worried that my somewhat chunky thighs might make me too wide for this model, but I was completely wrong. There’s plenty of room for someone at least a little bit into the overweight range of their BMI. I’ve also got quite broad shoulders, and they are not too broad for this chair either. Everything is just supportive, not overly hugging, and I can even cross my legs on it, which is important for a fidget bum like me. I’m 5’7″ and it fits me spot on, but my partner, who is 6’2″, also finds it comfy, despite the fact that the manufacturers only recommend the OMEGA for folks up to 5’9″. I’m not saying definitely get it if you’re over 5’9″, but if you’re slight of frame, it would probably be fine up to folks of 6′. If in doubt, just get the next series up, the TITAN.

You also get a nice head pillow that straps securely over the top of the backrest and a memory foam lumbar support cushion, which my lower back is very grateful for.

All in all, I know it’s just a chair, but when you’ve been struggling in rubbish, cheap chairs for so many years, and your back is getting progressively worse, a decent chair can have a huge impact on quality of life, especially considering how much time I spend on one. It’s not ridiculously expensive for what you get. In fact, I’d say it’s exceptional value for money. You could pay a lot more and get a lot less. And a happy back is priceless really. I’m actually happy to sit down to work every day now. When I sit in this chair, I can hear my back sighing in relief, and I know that I’ll be perfectly comfortable all day. I won’t ever look at another chair now. This is it for me for life. Thank you, Secretlab!

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