Cover Crush – The Binding by Bridget Collins

This little beaut has just arrived, and I can unashamedly confess that I bought it for its cover. It is The Binding by Bridget Collins, a recently released adult debut from this author that is being heralded by a storm of fabulous reviews. I have to say I’m not much of a sucker for hype – I prefer to wait for a variety of unfiltered reviews to come in from real readers and then make a decision – but I really couldn’t ignore the production value that has gone into this book. It so rarely happens these days that a publisher will actually part with a decent amount of cash for production (Angie Sage’s books are another example I can think of), but I really appreciate it as a reader when it does happen and designers get to do what they do best. I like to hold beautiful books and appreciate them while they sit on my shelves. The written word is a thing of beauty, a world contained within the leaves of this small object, and it should be bound with that in mind.

Even the dust jacket is delicious on The Binding, rich blues and browns with gold foil accents, but peel that off, and there’s a gorgeous filigree of gold foil over the hard cover, which is a kind of dark French blue. The pages are thick and creamy, as they often are in hardbacks, and the flyleaves have a lovely marbled paper effect in colours similar to the dust jacket, harking back to those books of yore. There are also some sweet pencil sketches introducing each of the three parts in the book, and you can’t beat a pencil sketch in my opinion.

All I can hope for now is that the story itself does justice to the cover! Even if it doesn’t, I’m keeping this book on my shelves for purposes of aesthetic satisfaction. When it comes to books, I’m shallow like that.

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