Hello! My name is Elke Silvarain and I am the author of The Tenants of Earth.

A few years ago, I had a dream about a stag that carried a secret inside him, and I needed to journey north to find a way to help him. It was a dream that really dug into my soul, and I felt compelled to write out the story in full. So that’s what I’m doing!

The story is an embellishment of my dream and draws on my passion for conservation. I want to inspire people to reconnect with nature and recognise the impact they have on the ecology. I am delving into the culture and philosophy of First Nation Canadians, who have a sustainable respect for the land that the modern world seems to have lost. We can only take so much before the earth has no more to give.

Don’t worry! They aren’t preachy books. There’s a plot and everything.

I live in the UK with my partner and foster dogs. I love to walk among old trees, think at night and listen to the rain. I am an unashamed introvert and highly sensitive person, so life can get a bit overwhelming, but I deal with it through writing and geeking out. You can find me cosplaying at the latest comic con.