elkesilvarainHello! My name is Elke Silvarain and I am the author of The Tenants of Earth, a trilogy of urban fantasy novels that draws on my passion for the earth.

I hope to inspire people to reconnect with nature and understand the impact they have on the ecology. I have a great respect for indigenous cultures around the world that have a sustainable relationship with the land; something the modern world seems to have lost. To write The Tenants of Earth, I have delved into the culture and philosophy of First Nation Canadians, inspired by their deep connection to the land and all who inhabit it.

I live in the UK with my partner. I love to walk among old trees, think at night and listen to the rain. I am an unashamed introvert and highly sensitive person, so life can get a bit overwhelming, but I deal with it through writing and geeking out. You can find me cosplaying at the latest comic con.