The Tenants of Earth: Part One


When sixteen-year-old Sky loses her father, she is forced to move from London to the deep forests of British Columbia. But not only is she a stranger in a foreign land, she is also an alien amongst her own species. To protect herself from painful memories, Sky has locked down her mind, incarcerating her emotions and suppressing the demons that haunt her past.

But the wilds of Canada will not let her keep control so easily. Figures appear in the mist. First Nation artefacts summon a disturbing ability to glimpse into an unseen world. And when someone she thought she had lost for ever begs her to save the life of an injured elk, Sky is forced to question everything she is certain she knows about the world. Most curious of all is that there is something about this elk that is not quite … elk.

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The Tenants of Earth: Part Two


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